A Birthday Message To Me!

It’s been five years since our timeless and memorable music began airing on 87.7 MeTVFM, and your response to what we have created has been amazing. Thank you so much for listening, telling your friends about us and patronizing our sponsors. Over the years, so many of you have called or written to tell us how much of a difference MeTVFM makes in your lives. We love hearing from our audience and are now asking that you take a couple moments to put your thoughts in writing so that we can share your thoughts with others and demonstrate how much MeTVFM means to listeners like you.

We appreciate you helping us to stay timeless and memorable on 87.7 MeTVFM.

Rick O’Dell – Program Director, MeTVFM

Your message will go directly to MeTVFM Program Director Rick O’Dell. Thank you for writing to Me!

Mailing Address

MeTVFM Program Director Rick O’Dell
Weigel Broadcasting Co.
26 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60661


(312) 705-2600